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Handmade natural beech wood blocks. Each set will have unique shapes. Children learn to play (together) in a playful way by stacking and balancing the thorns. Different sets possible. Also possible to purchase 2 extra base plates (earth, water, grass).


handmade, unique figures of beech wood
light weight and drop resistant
sanded and splinter free
safe for children to explore by mouth

Learning processes

Build sturdy construction that won't tip over. Determine which blocks and faces are best stacked. (cognitive development)
Dealing with disappointment if the structure falls. (emotional development)
The child needs a steady hand when building. (motor development)

class set

class set consists of 56 blocks (2 x set of Plugs, 2 x set of Soles, 2 x set of Flets, 2 x set of Kies)


set of plugs consists of 12 blocks (6 x L approx. 8 cm, 6 x M approx. 6 cm)


set Soles consists of 7 blocks (5 columns approx. 12 cm and 2 flat discs approx. 18 cm)


set Flets consists of 5 flat discs of 2.5 cm thick, 10 cm wide and 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 cm long


set Choose consists of 4 stones of 2.5 cm thick and 6, 8, 10 and 12 cm in size