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Rainbow Attributes


Beautiful wooden attributes in 7 rainbow colors to let children discover concepts such as in, out, on, under, behind, in front,... . Children can roll with the wooden balls, place them in the bowls, stack the cubes, balance the discs,... to further develop their fine motor skills. Or how about sorting by color?
With these wooden attributes there are endless play possibilities and your child will not get bored easily.


set of 14 wooden discs in rainbow colors (dim. 6 cm)


set of 21 wooden rings in rainbow colors (largest size: 7 cm)

To rinse

set of 21 wooden spools in rainbow colors (size 3.5 cm)


set of 14 wooden balls in rainbow colors (size 5 cm)


set of 14 wooden cubes in rainbow colors (largest size: 5 cm)


set of 7 wooden bowls in rainbow colors (size 9.2 cm)

Rainbow Attributes