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A wooden building game from Flockmen with dolls that leaves a lot of room for imagination and creativity of the child. 100% natural and handmade. Flockmen is made of sturdy birch wood that can certainly take a beating. You can stack the dolls by placing them on each other's shoulders and build them up like a puzzle. There are also various assignment cards (print and laminate yourself) available to further increase the fun. The dolls are 7 cm tall.


Flockmen is a young brand from Lithuania that brings together children, parents and the elderly around open-ended play. Everyone will find his or her way to play with these toys. Difficult constructions, a balance game, counting, decorating,... . Flockmen is a family business that makes 'open-ended toys' that leave a lot of room for the creativity and imagination of the child and the adult.

Learning processes

Build sturdy construction that won't tip over. Determine which Flockmen and faces are best stacked. (cognitive development)
Dealing with disappointment if the structure falls. (emotional development)
The child needs a steady hand when building. (motor development)


16-piece set


32-piece set


16 stickers to personalize the Flockmen.


16 stickers to color the Flockmen.